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About Us

Birds are natural architects who build their nests with utmost precision and hard work. That's Who we are! The colour Orange denotes creativity. Our classic Typography span represents our simple yet elegant work ethic. Prayatna signifies dedication, passion, dynamism, trustworthiness.


Real Estate in India is one of the most unstructured and unfriendly asset class but vica versa a big multiplier in income for both end users and investors. Be it information distortion or inappropriate practices by current market players, getting into property transactions is tough stressful play often ending in wrong or sub-optimal decisions. At Prayatna, we are set to change it, in favor of and in partnership with our customers. We are putting the focus back on customers to give a trustworthy and secure investment option, rather than the property, and transform the way they research, progress to making best-fit property decisions and get support services throughout their ownership journey. .